MJ Akbar
MJ Akbar has been accused by five women of sexual misconductSAM PANTHAKY/AFP/Getty Images

Former union minister MJ Akbar has responded to the rape accusation that Gogoi levelled against him by saying that the relationship he had with her was "consensual". He said that it did not end on a good note and that this has caused a lot of strain in his personal life as a result.

Speaking to ANI, Akbar said, "Somewhere around 1994, Ms Pallavi Gogoi and I entered into consensual relationship that spanned several months. This relationship gave rise to talk and would later cause strife in my home life as well. This consensual relationship ended, perhaps, not on best note."

MJ Akbar's statement
MJ Akbar's statementANI via Twitter

Akbar went on to claim that those who worked with them at the time could confirm his version of the story. He also said that Gogoi did not at any point in time make it seem like she was, "under duress."

The former union minister's wife Mallika Akbar also made a statement in this regard, calling Gogoi's allegations a lie.

Mallika Akbar said in her statement, "More than 20 years ago, Pallavi Gogoi caused unhappiness and discord in our home. I learned of her and my husband's involvement through her late night phone calls and her public display of affection in my presence. In her flaunting the relationship she caused anguish and hurt to my entire family."

"I don't know Pallavi's reasons for telling this lie, but a lie it is," read Mallika's statement.

Akbar statement
Akbar's wife backed him upANI via Twitter