Lal Thanhawla
In picture: Mizoram Chief Minister Lal Thanhawla.Press Information Bureau

Congress in Mizoram has locked horns with Mizo National Front (MNF) to try and retain its hold over the north-eastern state. 

The elections were held on November 28 with a 40-member legislative making the decision for 209 candidates contesting.

Other parties in the fray are Bharatiya Janata Party and Zoram People's Movement (ZPM). 

The exit polls predicted MNF to win the elections with a thumping majority thus dethroning Congress, which ruled the state for the past ten years. 

The MNF won in 27 constituencies, the Indian National Congress which held power for the past ten years lost in its last north-eastern state while the BJP and other parties have one constituency each.  

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2018-12-1118:52 (IST)

Outgoing CM Lal Thanhawla submits his resignation

2018-12-1118:31 (IST)

MNF leaders meet Mizoram governor

2018-12-1117:17 (IST)

CM to be, Zoramthanga lists his top three priorities

Chief Minister-to be Pu Zoramthanga explains what his government will focus on as he s set to take over. The leader of MNF told that he will tackle prohibition on liquor, repair roads & implement Social Economic Development Programme (SEDP). 

2018-12-1114:17 (IST)

Celebrations take place outside MNF office in Aizawl

2018-12-1111:36 (IST)

Mizoram CM Lal Thanhawla loses to MNF in home turf

Mizoram Chief Minister Lal Thanhawla has lost from Champhai South seat to MNF's TJ Lalnuntluanga. He was also trailing in his other seat, Serchhip. 

2018-12-1110:33 (IST)

MNF crosses halfway mark

The Mizo National Front has crossed the halfway mark (21 seats) with 26 seats under its belt. Indian National Congress has won in eight constituencies while the Bharatiya Janata Party emerged victorious in one constituency. 

2018-12-1110:22 (IST)

Trends in Mizoram

Congress - 10

MNF - 25

BJP+ - 1

Others - 4

2018-12-1110:02 (IST)

Mizo CM trailing in both his constituencies

Lal Thanhawla, the incumbent Chief Minister, is trailing in both his constituencies - Serchhip, Champai South. 

2018-12-1109:26 (IST)

Counting going on in 13 centres

Counting is underway in 13 centres in Mizoram amid heightened security. 

At the moment, the MNF is leading in 16 constituencies, Congress leading in 13 constituencies, BJP with 2 and others parties have 1. 

2018-12-1109:24 (IST)

Former Congress leader leads in Tawi seat

Former Congress leader, R Lalzirliana is leading in Tawi seat while contesting for the MNF. 

Lalzirliana quit the Congress and joined the MNF just before the assembly elections. 

2018-12-1109:08 (IST)

MNF leading in one constituency in Mizoram

mizoram trends
2018-12-1109:02 (IST)

MNF leads in Mizoram

Congress - 7

MNF - 10

BJP+ - 0

Others - 0

2018-12-1108:27 (IST)

Visuals of a counting centre in Aizawl

2018-12-1108:20 (IST)

Mizo assembly elections in 2013

In the 2013 assembly elections held in the state, the Congress came out as the single majority party with 34 seats under its belt. the Mizo National Front won five votes and Mizoram People's Conference won one. 

2018-12-1108:04 (IST)

Counting begins

Counting begun at 8:01 AM 

2018-12-1108:03 (IST)

Mizo CM confident of Congress' victory in state

One of the key districts in the state is Chief Minister Lal Thanhawla's home turf Serchhip. Thanhawla contested from Champhai South assembly seat.

He told News18, " I am confident that the people are with me because our performance is the best in the country."

He added, " We are higher than the national average in terms of per capita income. In the education and jobs sector also, we are far ahead of other states. This is why people will once again elect us."

2018-12-1108:00 (IST)

Will Congress continue its rule in the north-east state?

Congress still has a stronghold in the last north-east state under its power. It has ruled Mizoram for the past ten years and is looking to a re-election. 

However, exit polls have predicted that the Mizo National Front will emerge with a thumping majority.