Missing man from Bundi traced to a jail in Pakistan

A man who went missing from the Bundi district of Rajasthan five years ago has been finally traced to a jail in Pakistan.

Jugraj Bhil, a resident of Rampuria village is behind bars in Pakistan's Karachi jail as per police officials. In a statement to ANI, they said, "The person is mentally ill. We have information that he has been held as a captive in Pakistan. We are investigating the matter. We don't know how he travelled to Pakistan."

When the information reached Bhil's distressed family, they turned to the government for help to rescue him. "Five-six years ago, Jugraj suddenly disappeared from the house late one night. The documents and photo shown by the police now give us positive options for him being there and coming back home," Bhils's father said.

Bhil was 20 when he went missing nearly five years ago. The authorities were able to find him when they received an inquiry from the Pakistan government to verify the nationality of the prisoner. Yogesh Yadav, the Bundi District Superintendent of Police received the request and have verified the identity through Bhil's father.

The family was aware that Bhil was mentally disturbed, but have no idea how he managed to stray across the border. The DSP said that last month they had received a report from the Rajasthan Police Headquarters seeking information about Jugraj Bhil.

This is the second such case of a missing man from the state winding up in a Pakistani jail. Last month, Gajanand Sharma, a resident of Jaipur, was traced to a jail in Pakistan after going missing for 36 years. An inquiry into the 68-year-old man's case revealed that he was indeed locked up in a Pakistani prison.

Following the news, BJP leaders wrote to the Minister for External Affairs Sushma Swaraj, asking her to intervene and ensure Gajanand was released at the earliest.