The desi superhero Minnal Murali has made its grand entry on Netflix on December 24. The film directed by Basil Joseph is undoubtedly a pure gem, and it loudly proclaims that the Malayalam film industry has something big to offer in the future. In Minnal Murali, Tovino Thomas plays the lead role, while the character of the antagonist is enacted by Guru Somasundaram. 

Minnal Murali: A perfectly crafted superhero movie

Minnal Murali begins in a very interesting manner, where young Jaison (Tovino Thomas) witnesses the tragedy of his lifetime. Later, the film shifts to the 1990s, where Jaison lives in Kurakkanmoola, a seemingly fictional village. 

Minnal Murali
Tovino Thomas in Minnal MuraliYouTube

One night, due to a rare planetary alignment, Jaison and Shibu (Guru Somasundaram) get hit by lightning, and it gives both of them superpowers. Jaison, as an easy-going young man continues his journey even after receiving the superpowers, but Shibu has some sinister plans in mind, and things take an unexpected turn when he murders Daasan (Harishree Ashokan). 

A technically perfect movie backed by strong performance

Minnal Murali's major highlight is its strong screenplay and spectacular performance from lead actors. The film's story has all the elements needed for a superhero movie, and director Basil Joseph crafted the film by international standards. 

Tovino Thomas, as Jaison was perfect in his role. In the first half of the movie, Tovino was just an easy-going young man, while in the second half, he transitioned himself into a superhero. On the other hand, Guru Somasundaram as the anti-hero excelled in emotional scenes. All the supporting actors including Baiju Santhosh, Aju Varghese, Mamukkoya, and Femina George, all did their roles perfectly well. 

Final Verdict

Minnal Murali is a masterpiece from Basil. It is brilliantly conceived and perfectly executed by Basil Joseph. As the film ends up hinting at the possibility of a sequel, audiences are eagerly waiting to see the Desi superhero on big screens next time.