Minecraft VR, the virtual reality version of the open-world sandbox video game, is coming to Oculus Rift, the VR headgear from Oculus, according to an announcement from Minecraft owner, Microsoft, Engadget reported.

Noting that this is not a new version but is updated to working with Oculus Rift, the game will feature two different view modes. First mode puts players in a virtual castle with the game running on a TV screen on the wall. Second is the full immersive experience.

The Engadget reporter was of the view that the Minecraft VR was the "best overall VR experience." He said that the Minecraft VR lets him do everything that was signature moment of the game like mining, lighting up caves, riding mine cart and so on. The highlight of the demo game was the vastness of the in-game world. 

Previous rumours had suggested that Minecraft was coming to Oculus Rift. Many of Minecraft fans too had requested for Minecraft VR, Attack of the Fanboy reported. But many thought that the possibility decreased when Facebook bought Oculus. But the recent announcement from Microsoft that it will be partnering with Oculus Rift at the Microsoft Spring Showcase has been good news for fans.