Minecraft will be getting a new update 0.12.1Mojang

Minecraft is all set to get a new update 0.12.1, bringing  cross-platform multiplayer to the game. Also, this will be the "biggest update" for Minecraft: Pocket Edition boasting of overhauled features.

The official post on Xbox News has stressed on the "awesomeness" of this upcoming update 0.12.1. It consideres it 'awesome' because the update will see the addition of cross-platform multiplayer which is playable with up to five friends.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition and Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta players can now play on local networks too.

Also, the new Windows 10 Edition Beta has made way for up to five multiplayer players, who can play over Xbox Live.

This update will bring some 'big' changes in Minecraft: Pocket Edition that will see features such as touch controls, controller support and the controller mapping screen being overhauled.

Mojang has considered these features following requests by players to make necessary changes.

It also clarified that Pocket Edition players will be getting snow accumulation and directional rain in the game, as part of the 'enhanced weather effects.' Players are promised of "new goodies" for in-game building and potion-making. To add the ability to explore Nether, they will also encounter golems and ocelots. The ability to sneak and sprint has also been added.

Players will have to wait for some time to get update 0.12.1, since the company did not give out any official dates for its release.

Bugs Fixed in Mojang's New Snapshot 15w36d

Mojang has released an updated Snapshot 15w36d that promises bug fixes. Below are the bug fixes that have been fixed:

  • [Bug MC-83040] – Two Handed Map Bug: Offhand map doesn't update
  • [Bug MC-87871] – Iron Golem attacks peaceful mobs and player for no reason
  • [Bug MC-87878] – End Void does not deal damage to the player / Can't fall into the void
  • [Bug MC-87916] – Server warning: Tried to assign a mutable BlockPos to tick data
  • [Bug MC-87979] – Hopper: java.lang.NullPointerException: Starting integrated server