Mojang releases a new patch 1.19 for Minecraft.Mojang

Minecraft for PS3, PS4 and PS Vita has a new patch, 1.19, that will update the game and will help in fixing some of the issues that troubled players on this console.

Patch 1.19 will see the addition of Star Wars Classic Skin Pack and Rebels Skin Pack. This will include the skins for Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca, Leia Organa, Wampa, Greedo and Amiral Ackbar on the Classic Pack. The Rebel Pack will have Chopper, Ezra Bridger, Hera Syndulla and more.

The patch will also see fixes being implemented for the game's instability when players add or remove a character, issues with Iron Golems, unlocking the Enchanter and low opacity settings.

The new patch is initially released for Europe and Japan and only later for North America region.

Below are the patch notes, thanks to Direct Link Download:


  • Added Star Wars Classic Skin Pack Trial content.
  • Added Star Wars Rebels Skin Pack Trial content.


  • Optimized water rendering.
  • Fix for some instability when adding and removing players from a game.
  • Fix for particle effects not displaying at high altitudes.
  • Fix for an issue where the Fuel meter in a Furnace could be reset when using a Lava Bucket.
  • Fix for an ingredient added to a Beacon interface would be lost when entering/leaving the End or the Nether.
  • Fix for an issue when renaming a world save and quickly loading the world.
  • Fix for an issue where the tick rate in a chunk would run too fast when the chunk was unloaded and then reloaded (MCCE-390).
  • Fix for Enable Flying host option causing healing to revert to classic mode.
  • Fix for an issue with a Potion of Swiftness not working for splitscreen players.
  • Fix for 'Can Build And Mine' privilege stopping players using potions.
  • Fix for 'Can Build And Mine' privilege stopping players equipping armor from the hotbar.
  • Fix for putting out fires with buckets of water making a wood breaking sound.
  • Fixed an issue with Iron Golems trying to give a flower to a villager, but the flower not being present.
  • Fix for a problem with water flickering at a distance when using the Natural Texture Pack.
  • Fix for a problem unlocking the Enchanter trophy when using Classic Crafting.
  • Fixed an issue where low opacity settings would cause the Ender Dragon and Wither health bars to be displayed inconsistently.

Updated Snapshot 15w35e and more

Mojang has released the updated for 15w35e, 15w35d and 15w35c.

In order to improve the internal block id hypermatrix, Mojang released Snapshot 15w35e that will fix potential world corruption. To fix crashes, it released 15w35d. And in order to fix the issues related with some blocks, it released 15w35c.

  • [Bug MC-87078] – Using a sweep attack sends "lasdjfhlsdhjflsdij" to output log
  • [Bug MC-87194] – Oak and cobblestone stairs placed or generated (NPC villages) in 15w35b are invisible
  • [Bug MC-87196] – Generated or placed doors are half or complete invisible after relog
  • [Bug MC-87223] – Changing command block type crashes game (impulse, chain, or repeat)
  • [Bug MC-87524] – Repeating Conditional Command Blocks have very strange chaining properties.