Net Neutrality In India: TRAI Turns Deaf Ear To Website Hacking, Public Outrage; Email IDs Still In The Open
Loosely connected Hackers Group Anonymous has come up to support the new open source social network minds.comReuters

Social network websites, which are a dime a dozen, have a new competitor: The new website is being backed by the famous hacking group Anonymous. offers something that current social network websites do not offer: messages are encrypted and therefore it won't be possible for advertisers or governments to read them, reports The Independent. The website says it won't be making money by selling user data.

The encryption will ensure that only the sender and the receiver can access messages.

The website offers all features offered by existing social network websites such as Facebook like sending updates to followers and allow them to comment, like and reshare.  

The help of Anonymous will make the website more secure than competitors can think of.

The website will also reward users based on activities like new post, voting, commenting or uploading contents; more active users will be promoted by the site. is already available on desktop computers as well via mobile apps. For making the website more interactive, the developer has made it open source so that any user can contribute to the design and add new features.

The Anonymous page 'ART of Revolution' has this to say: "Let us collaborate to help build and other open-source, encrypted networks to co-create a top site of the people, by the people and for the people."