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Download Torrents anonymously through Usenet or VPN and be safe: Here’s whyReuters

A majority of Internet users stick to torrent sites while opting for a file download. These sites offer numerous options for a given choice. But do you know torrent sites are the most unsafe way to download?

Unlike in traditional downloading, wherein a file gets downloaded from a single source, a torrent file can come from hundreds of sources called seeders.

The speed in torrent also depends on the number of seeders, which means the faster the download, the more users you're connected with. Surprisingly, you never get to know the seeders' identity while downloading a torrent file. They can be any government official, malware developer, hacker or someone else who can actually monitor your download activity.

But there are options that can help you remain safe by hiding your identity while downloading any torrent file. Here's how:

Use Seedbox

A seedbox is a private server that allows you to download or upload digital files and is capable of handling torrent traffic. Once the seedbox finishes the download, you can access it in your system.

A 50GB seedbox connection is available for as low as $5, while you can opt for an unlimited storage seedbox by paying roughly $15 annually.


VPN (Virtual Private Networks) usually helps you hide your IP address, Internet traffic and downloading details by using proxy address. For instance, when you are connected to any torrent site, your system's physical location along with other details gets revealed and the key source behind this is your IP address, which can be kept secret if you opt for VPN service.

This is also a paid service and can cost between $6.49 and $9.95.

Private Tracker

Popular torrent sites, including Pirate Bay and Kickass Torrents, are public trackers that allow any Internet user to download files, thus making downloading risky. The private trackers work on an invite-only basis and offer better quality downloads from trusted sources.


The Usenet service is not really made for piracy and never uses torrent at all. Based on a similar bulletin board system, the usenet hosts NZB format files. Beside copyrighted files, Usenet is also filled with numerous pirate files uploaded by some anonymous users.

Jeff Stone contributed to this report from New York.