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Actress Sri Reddy who has been in the headlines for various controversial reasons claims to be physically assaulted. Sri Reddy, who got allegedly attacked at her Chennai residence, has filed a police complaint against two individuals.

As per the reports, Sri Reddy alleges two men of assaulting her physically. She filed a police case on two men named Subramani and Gopi. Subramani is the person who is her financier and Gopi is his assistant.

As per Sri Reddy's statement, Subramani and Sri Reddy were associated on the work front. Subramani agreed to provide finance to Sri Reddy for her upcoming movie titled 'Reddy's Diary'. "Subramani got arrested in Hyderabad recently. He was involved in the other case. So, he assumed that I am the person who provided the information to the police. That is the main reason behind his attack", Sri Reddy told.

"They could have killed me. They attacked me brutally and even tore my chudidhar when I tried to escape", Sri Reddy explained. When asked if she was involved in any sexual relationship, Sri Reddy denied. "Subramani is just a financier and agreed to give money for my movie", she said.

It is a known fact that actress Sri Reddy shifted her base to Tamil Nadu after a series of events. Ever since Sri Reddy came into focus, she has been alleging star heroes of sexual misconduct.