Microsoft, Surface Phone, Lumia 435 price cut
Microsoft Surface Phone could be incoming in 2017: Lumia 435 gets massive price cut in USMicrosoft

At a time when rumor mills are intensely abuzz with the fact that there would be a next-gen Microsoft Surface Phone soon, a new development adds substance to it. A popular Lumia unlocked variant smartphone has now received a massive price cut and is selling at reduced prices in the US.

This development is of some interest considering the fact that rumor mills have even stated that Microsoft would eliminate its Lumia series of smartphones to make way for the Surface Phone. Also, not too long ago multiple new flagship Lumia phones received price cuts, which caused a thought to pop-up in the minds of Microsoft loyalists who pondered over the very existence of Lumia phones in the future.

Now, the latest Lumia to receive the price cut newly is the Microsoft Lumia 435; which after its release in 2015 had gained reputation as one of the classic mid-range smartphones in the market offering affordability.

As far as the latest reduction in price of the Lumia 435 is concerned, an unlocked edition of the smartphone is currently available for $28, after having received a massive $19.73 discount. Walmart's eStore in the US is currently selling this edition of the Lumia 435 at reduced prices. Click here to check out this development.

Moving on to the purported Surface Phone from Microsoft, this handset is expected (by loyalists) to be a next-gen device running Windows 10 Mobile straight out of the box. At this juncture, there are also reports that this device would feature Lumia functionality such as double tap to wake along with being mid-range. Microsoft is yet to come out with official updates concerning its purported Surface Phone smartphone.