Microsoft Will Let Pirates Upgrade To Windows 10 For Free, But There's a Catch
Microsoft Windows 10 Free Upgrade For Pirates May Not Be Truly Free

Microsoft's announcement at the WinHEC technology conference in Shenzhen, China on Wednesday drew a lot of attention from Windows users worldwide. The Redmond-based software titan revealed that Windows 10 will be offered as a free upgrade to not just Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users but to all Windows users, including those who are currently running pirated copies of the OS.

This news was certainly received with great content by Windows users but further clarification on Microsoft's decision revealed there's a condition attached to it, The Verge reported.

The decision clearly appears to be a move to get as many users on board with Microsoft's most advanced OS ever. Reuters originally reported that the free Windows 10 upgrade to all Windows users on Wednesday, as a way to "re-engage" with hundreds of millions of users in China and other countries. According to the report, three-quarters of all Windows PCs run pirated version of the OS.

The Verge contacted Microsoft for an explanation and found that the company will allow Windows pirates to upgrade to Windows 10 but there's a catch. Even if such users upgrade to Windows 10, it could be available as a limited offer or a trial. Details on the limitations are yet to be clarified.

"We will provide a mechanism for non-genuine Windows 10 PC devices to 'get genuine' via the new Windows Store, whether they are upgraded versions of Windows or purchased," a Microsoft spokesperson told The Verge.

The latest move may deviate from the company's long-standing paid-upgrade policy but it surely helps in beefing up the competition. Microsoft appears to have adopted Apple's free OS upgrade policy for its Window but it's not exactly the same. Apple allows OS X users to upgrade to the latest versions every year at no cost, no questions asked.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is all-set to release the anticipated Windows 10 OS across 190 countries with over 110 languages this summer. We're hoping to get more in-depth knowledge of Microsoft's limitations on letting pirates upgrade to Windows 10 for free.