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Microsoft's Edge browser, which is bundled with copies of Windows 10, recently acquired the ability to add extension to its list of features and the two most popular ad blocking extension for the browser are now available on the Windows Store. Adblock and Adblock Plus, two extensions developed by two completely unrelated companies, are the first to be made available.

As advertised, both extensions allow users to browse the internet without being distracted by ads. Before the launch, Adblock Plus had been available for both the Chrome and Firefox browsers, while Adblock was a Chrome-only extension.

Thurrot reported that both extensions work only on the Insider build of Edge, which is available to users who are a part of Microsoft's Insider Program.

The ability to add extensions to the Edge browser would be welcomed by many power users who cannot navigate the web without them. Installing ad blockers can also result in a more secure web-browsing experience, as ads are more often than not designed to trick users into clicking them, which in turn could lead to potentially harmful eventualities, including identity theft and malware attacks.

Having extensions for the Edge browser is an important for Microsoft if it wants to make sure its users continue using it. Historically, Microsoft's Internet Explorer has been the most widely used web browser until Chrome overtook it recently. Adding extensions to the Edge browser will keep it technologically relevant.