The Jackson family is said to be disappointed with late Michael Jackson's eldest son Prince, after he reportedly ditched the family to go partying. While the rest of the family is with Joe Jackson, who is recuperating in Brazil after suffering a stroke and three heart attacks, Prince chose to be in Miami rather than with his grandfather, reported Radar Online.

His behaviour, according to an insider, has not gone down well with other family members, who termed his action as selfish and irresponsible. "Prince has always been the irresponsible and selfish one among the children," an insider told the publication, adding that after Prince's trip with his cousins Jermajesty and Jaafar, he went back to Los Angeles instead of joining the family in South America.

"While the other kids are stressed about Joe's health, Prince is more concerned with having leisure time and enjoying himself," the source claimed. "Katherine is consistently disappointed by Prince's behaviour, but Prince disappearing during this time comes as no surprise to anyone."

The source also noted that Prince and Jermajesty were a bad influence on each other.

Not surprisingly, this is not the first time Prince's behaviour has upset the family. An earlier Radar Online report noted that Prince was not getting along with his sister Paris, and that they haven't been in good terms for a while.

"Paris is barely even speaking to her older brother Prince," a source close to the family told Radar Online, adding that Prince has been acting out since turning 18.

"She cannot tolerate her brother and says that he is disgracing their father's legacy. The family is doing everything they can to keep Paris away from Prince because they do not want her to go down the wrong path again."