In the past few months, Michael Jackson's son Prince has been in the news for all the wrong reasons, thanks to his wild partying ways.

But now, the oldest son of the late King of Pop has reportedly turned over a new leaf, and he is no longer acting out. He is now focusing his energy on working out and building his body before college starts in fall.

This has left him no time to pursue a relationship, claimed a Radar Online source.

"Prince is actually on a health kick right now and he has been working out non-stop," the source revealed. "Prince is now single and has been dating up a storm. He does not want to be tied down to one girl and since he broke up with Nikita [Bess] he has been a total player."

This change in Prince's behaviour, according to the source, is because the Jackson family bribed him to act responsible.

"Prince got a brand new Mercedes and the agreement for him to have the car was that he needs to be more responsible and honor the curfew that Katherine and Joe set for him," said the source.

"His grandparents told him that as long as he is living under their roof, he needs to be home by midnight on weekdays." Although Prince is no longer a minor, he has been respecting their wishes, the source added.

Earlier reports noted that Prince and his sister Paris have not been getting along because of his alleged bratty ways. Prince has been acting out ever since he turned 18.

"She cannot tolerate her brother and says that he is disgracing their father's legacy," another source told the media outlet in May. "The family is doing everything that they can to keep Paris away from Prince because they do not want her to go down the wrong path again."