Blanket Jackson
Blanket JacksonReuters

Michael Jackson's youngest son Blanket has remained out of media glare ever since his father's death on 25 June, 2009.

But now Radar Online has obtained the 13-year-old's first official yearbook photo, and it shows Blanket all grown up. The teenager began attending The Buckley School in Sherman Oaks, California, last year after being homeschooled previously.

Although born Michael Jackson Jr, Blanket seems to prefer the name Bigi Jackson while in school, as this is the name listed in the yearbook.

School seems to have given Blanket some normalcy, and according to an insider, the seventh grader is a "very good student." The insider also said that Blanket is very different from his siblings Prince and Paris, as he is more reserved.

"He is definitely the opposite of Paris and Prince and he is more on the quiet side," says the source. "Michael would be proud of Blanket. He is really sweet, funny and helpful."

"He volunteers to help the younger kids and he is really good with them. He probably got that from his dad," the source added.

Blanket's older siblings Prince and Paris have been in the news in recent times due to their alleged feud. Reportedly, Prince has been acting out for a while now, and Paris has no patience for his bad boy behaviour.

"Prince has been lashing out at his grandparents and Paris thinks that her older brother is acting like a spoiled brat," a source revealed to Radar Online. "She has become incredibly humble since Utah and she isn't accustomed to his spoiled antics anymore."

Prince hasn't been spending much time with his siblings as well, according to the source.

"He's been distancing himself from his siblings for some time now. He barely speaks to his sister Paris right now. Prince is young and arrogant and seemingly already considers himself to be royalty," the insider said.