Mia Khalifa knows how to keep her fans and followers intrigued. And the latest series of pictures shared by her prove that right. The former adult film star has shared a number of pictures from what appears to be an extensive shoot. Khalifa has raised the temperature in various outfits and looks. One that has caught everyone's attention is the picture where Mia is posing with Rapunzel-like hair.

Mia Khalifa
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What netizens said

In a few of the pictures, Mia is seen posing seductively in a long black backless body-hugging dress. Mia is seen posing with her ultra-long hair. The kohl eyes and sharp nails have lent the picture a more dramatic theme. Social media went gaga over the pictures. While one person wrote, "SLAYYY QUEEN" another one wrote, "Another level baby."

"These are just jaw-dropping," wrote one netizen. "Wow wow wow," wrote another netizen. "It's just perfect," said a social media user. "Can it get any better?" questioned another. "Only you baby," wrote one more user. "Major hottie," complimented one user. "Gorgeousness in every frame," wrote another social media user.

Mia Khalifa's traumatic past

Mia Khalifa might have quit the industry long back, but she has revealed that she still feels deep shame. She added how her privacy went for a toss and people can see her just through a click. "I think post-traumatic stress kicks in mostly when I go on public. Because the stares I get, I feel like people can see through my clothes. And it brings me deep shame. It makes me feel like I lost all rights to my privacy, which I did because I am just one Google search away," she had said in an interview with BBC.