The Central Bureau of InvestigationChandan Khanna/AFP/Getty Images

A section officer of the Ministry of Home Affairs was arrested on Thursday, September 12, for allegedly offering a bribe of Rs 16 lakh to a senior agency official.

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) arrested Dheeraj Kumar Singh with around Rs 70 lakh in cash, reported PTI.

"We have arrested Dheeraj Kumar Singh posted as an section officer in the Ministry of Home Affairs in a trap case this morning with an alleged bribe of Rs 16 lakh," a senior CBI official told IANS.

Singh was trying to bribe the senior agency officer for influencing a case involving an IPS officer. He deals with the empanelment of IPS officers at the ministry.

He had approached the agency's investigating officer with an offer of Rs two crore. "Then a trap a was laid and he was arrested with the first instalment of Rs 16 lakh," the source added.

Singh is currently being questioned by CBI officials