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Veteran actor Shatrughan Sinha has landed himself in trouble for making fun of the ongoing MeToo movement at a recent public event in Mumbai. Women across the country have been calling out their offenders, naming and shaming them in public. Many prominent personalities, be it from Bollywood or corporate world or the media, have been facing isolation from their peers as soon as their names cropped up on social media platforms being accused of sexual harassment.

But, looking at the current scenario, Sinha couldn't contain his feelings about the MeToo movement and said that 'behind every successful man's fall, there is a woman. He also said that he has been fortunate that despite doing things, that may have been of a objectionable nature, his name hasn't cropped up in the MeToo movement.

Speaking at a book launch in Mumbai, Shatrughan Sinha was quoted as saying by ANI, "In the era of #MeToo,there is no hesitation in saying that behind every successful man's fall also, there is a woman. I think I have been fortunate that despite doing all that I did, my name hasn't popped up in the #MeToo.

Sinha's comments didn't go down well with online users who slammed him for lacking the seriousness of the MeToo movement on a public platform. They started trolling him saying that Sinha must be high on drugs while making such vile comments, while some reprimanded him for putting the blame on women.

Earlier, when his friend and director Subhash Ghai was caught in the MeToo storm, Shatrughan Sinha said that he will continue to work with his Ghai even if he is proven guilty of his misconduct and serves the punishment given by the court. However, Ghai given a clean chit by the police after model-actress Kate Sharma withdrew the complaint on November 14, saying she needs to take care of her family and hence, wants to stay away from the ruckus of court cases.