Shekhar Suman
Shekhar SumanVarinder Chawla

More than two weeks ago, MeToo storm hit many prominent personalities be it from Bollywood, journalism, fashion industry or corporate world who were accused of sexual harassment by many women. But the sudden calmness has made actor Shekhar Suman wonder whether the MeToo movement is dead.

In a tweet, Shekhar Suman asked some pertinent questions, "Is the #MeToo movement dead?The din the allegations the cacophony over?The debates over?The headlines gone?Some shamed some sacked others got away scot free.women's revolution over?char 'din'ki chandini phir andheri raat.khoda pahad nikla 4 chuha."

When a Twitter user replied to him saying that such movements are only meant for gossips, Shekhar felt sad about it and replied, "so sad..sadly it was not a movement but an opportunity for some.sad sad v sad."

When another Twitter user questioned him that he was one of the most prominent supporters of the MeToo movement, Shekhar replied to the user saying that he still is and that's why he was anguishing about it.

Shekhar further added, "But in the same breath I dont blindly support it...I said it shld not be gender specific.wen adhyayan spoke about it he was shamed n ridiculed.where as wen the victim was a woman she was idolized. The predator must be punished whether man or woman."

When the MeToo movement was at its peak, Adhyayan Suman had requested all media houses to stop asking him to speak about being harassed at the hands of Kangana Ranaut. And it is the reason why the actor has chosen not to speak as he didn't get the kind of support needed when he came out with his horrific #MeToo story two years ago.

"#MeToo is a movement empowering men and women alike to come out in the open and speak up. My tweets were a way of reaching out to all the people who wanted to be heard and not to gain any publicity in this hot debacle. I spoke up 2 years ago and I was shunned, criticised on national TV," Adhyayan has tweeted.

"I wasn't believed then and I don't want to waste time retelling a story already out for the public to read. To all the media houses calling me and asking me to speak up in an interview,I do not wish to. I didn't have ur support then and I definitely don't need it now when I've left my past behind and moved on, a stronger man. Thanks," he added.