Angad Bedi, Subhash Kapoor
Angad Bedi, Subhash KapoorInstagram

Director Subhash Kapoor had found himself in hot waters when actress Geetika Tyagi had accused him of sexual misconduct during the MeToo wave in India. The filmmaker was removed from Gulshan Kumar biopic and even Aamir Khan had backed out of the project. However, after realising the fact that 'you're not guilty until proven', Subhash was reinstated to Mogul with Aamir in the lead. And now, Angad Bedi, who has worked with the director in a web series called The Verdict, has come out in support of him. 

Angad said that while he doesn't know what exactly had happened between Subhash and Geetika, he sympathized with him for the unfortunate things the director had to go through after getting accused of sexual harassment on a public platform. 

"I don't even know the reality, right? Like, I go and work as a professional and come back home and that is where my job ends. Firstly, what anyone does in their personal life, I am no one to comment on that. Secondly, allegations can be levelled at anyone. What if tomorrow someone makes an allegation against me? What do I do? How do I? Is there a probe? Does it get proved? Is it true... there are many questions I have regarding #MeToo in my head," Angad Bedi told Pinkvilla in an interview. 

Speaking about the veracity of claims made by the alleged victims about their alleged offenders, Angad said that the so-called MeToo movement did not have any end result. 

"It is a great movement. It was a great voice to hear but it should have an end result. I think #MeToo did not have that end result. My point is tomorrow you can malign anyone's image, what will that man do? Whether he is right or wrong, the damage is already done. For a guy like Subhash Kapoor, I think Aamir Sir is working with him in Mogul. I think for me, he is my filmmaker. I was cast in the film because he thinks I am good, and I have done my work. It is unfortunate what he went through. I sympathise with him, really. I know him on a level where I worked with him and it was all fine. Agreed, a man to man relationship is different but there were women on sets as well and it seemed all well. I think the wave needs to have more gravity. You prove it, and then the person is guilty otherwise it can happen to any celebrated person," he said. 

When Angad was asked how a victim would prove the allegations that he/she had made against their offenders, he said, "If someone has done anything wrong with you, you should file an FIR immediately. Why wait for 7-8 years to file an FIR. You strike when the iron is hot and when the person who has done the misdeed should be rightfully punished. It can't be just highlighted in the media and nothing done about it."