Aamir Khan, Tanushree Dutta

While many would have lauded Aamir Khan's sensitive decision to not let director Subhash Kapoor go without a livelihood over an unproved accusation, many women have lashed out at the actor for taking a u-turn and deciding to work with the director again.

Earlier this year, Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao had decided to part themselves from the Gulshan Kumar biopic which was supposed to be helmed by director Subhash Kapoor. Aamir and Kiran had said that their conscience didn't allow them to work with a #MeToo accused in any capacity. However, Aamir Khan is back into the project. And this time, not only as a producer, but he would also be seen essaying the role of Gulshan Kumar in the biopic.

Talking about his decision, Khan told HT, "I don't have any strategy. I'm just doing what my heart says is right, and what my conscience tells me is right. At that time I felt that was the right step to take, so I took that. Today I feel differently. I'm going with my heart. Perhaps some people will be critical of my decision. But I've to live with my own conscience. So, I've done what my heart and conscience feels is right."

Aamir also revealed that they had several actors in mind who could play the role of Gulshan Kumar. But when they all said no, Aamir came onboard and took up the part on Bhushan Kumar's insistence. He also revealed that Akshay Kumar, Varun Dhawan and even Kapil Sharma were considered for the role.

Tanushree Dutta reacted to Aamir's decision and said, "I read through the whole paragraph that Aamir Khan wrote, justifying why he was associating himself with Subhash Kapoor. I want to ask one question... How come nobody in Bollywood has sleepless nights when a girl becomes a victim of harassment, and is ostracised from the industry? There seems to be so much compassion for the #Metoo accused floating around but none for the alleged victims."

"Having sailed in the same boat myself, I know that nobody bothered to even ask me how I was doing when being an actor, my primary livelihood was snatched away after the Horn Ok Please harassment episode. I was a talented screen actor. But nobody wrote letters, requesting bigwigs to work with me and help me resurrect my career and help me heal from the trauma, insult and humiliation that I endured. No compassion for me, Aamir?," Deccan Chronicle quoted Detta as saying.