Everything is not okay between the former 'Bigg Boss' contestant Sana Khan and her ex-boyfriend Melvin Louis. Since they both had a nasty breakup and parted their ways recently, the duo has been constantly hitting bad comments on each other. 

After Sana accused Melvin of cheating on her and made some shocking allegations against the choreographer accusing him of impregnating a 19-year-old girl. Sana even said that he took money from girls and flirted with his students.

Sana Khan and Melvin Louis
Sana Khan and Melvin Louis

Melvin Louis is bisexual: Sana Khan

All this created a huge buzz on social media and their relationship soon became the talk of the town. Recently, in an interview, the 'Jai Ho' actress again put further allegations on her former boyfriend, claim that Melvin is bisexual.

"After his last breakup, he told me he caught his ex cheating with multiple boys, that she is gay and has affairs with girls. I was like, why were you dating a gay? And then I got to know he is no less bisexual," Sana told Bollywood Hungama. 

Melvin stopped me from working with Salman Khan: Sana

Sana Khan
Sana Khan Melvin LouisTwitter

Miss Khan once revealed that Melvin used to stop her from working with big Bollywood actors. Which she later confirmed that he was talking about Salman Khan. Melvin did not want Sana to work with Salman.

Talking about her relationship with Bhaijaan, Sana said, "Salman and I share a very respectful relationship. He is a wonderful man and he has always looked at me with a lot of respect. I can even tie him a Rakhi, such is my relationship with him. It's so pure." 

Sana Khan and Melvin Louis' controversy 

Sana Khan confesses love for boyfriend Melvin Louis
Sana Khan with ex-boyfriend Melvin LouisInstagram

It seems that there is no end to their debate of proving each other wrong. Even Melvin Louis had denied almost all the allegations that were made by ex-girlfriend Sana Khan on her social media and had said that the actress has been wrongly portraying him. 

The choreographer leaked an audio clip days after his breakup, wherein the girl can be seen threatening him. While it hasn't been confirmed that the girl in the audio clip is Sana, the actress did come out and clarify things from her side after the clip went viral on social media. 

Now let's see how will Melvin respond to her current allegation of him being Bisexual.