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Looks like Meghan Markle's psychic in Los Angeles could not hold his excitement about what Meghan Markle wants the gender of her baby to be.

In an article that was published on The Sun, psychic Richard Win has revealed the news. The psychic, who has high profile celebrities as his clientele, charges $500-an-hour in his Los Angeles office.

Meghan Markle, 37, who enjoys going to his place, confessed about her desire, just weeks before meeting Prince Harry. "Meghan is a very spiritual person with wonderful energy about her," Win said in his first newspaper interview.

He has also revealed the method that he often uses to work, which involves psychometry, where an object is used that the person usually holds of high significance and transfers energy and also extrasensory perception. Before leaving for her Morocco trip, Meghan had handed over jewellery, photos and her mobile phone for analysis.

"She loved children and told me she wanted lots. She wanted a little girl, one she could dress up because she's a real fashionista," Win said about her interactions with Meghan. He further added, "She's very domesticated; she said she loved to cook, and she's very nurturing. She came across as a real homebody. Meghan is a Leo, so a lioness — she will be a very protective mum, and I'm not sure she will want her children in the spotlight which might be tricky."

Win further revealed how Meghan stood out among his clients. He is habituated to see many "ambitious actresses in my job, and in this town, but Meghan just wasn't like that. And that really impressed me."

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
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He had also told Meghan that he saw in her a possibility of working in many Hollywood movies but Meghan was just not interested. "Instead she used to talk about food lots, and how she loved to cook." Apparently, Meghan wanted to have her cooking show and she had confided in him about her desire to do so, she had also wanted to have her own chain of cosmetics.

Meghan was seeking the services of Win when she was dating Canadian chef Cory Vitiello. After breaking up with her she was having a hard time and it was not long before that Prince Harry came and rescued her. "I never predicted she was going to be with Harry so I don't want to be credited with that, but I did tell her I could see her in London — and she told me she loved the British people and loved London," Win said.

Meghan's activities have been linked with Princess Diana previously also. Even Princess Diana used to see many energy healers and psychics. Richard believes that it is a coincidence that even Meghan believes in the afterlife just like her late- mother-in-law. "I didn't know Diana, but I think she and Meghan share the same humanitarian compassion," Win confessed.