Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Prince Harry and Meghan MarkleReuters

Meghan Markle seems to be proving too progressive as a member of Buckingham Palace, or too risky? Recently, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were at Morocco on a royal visit where the Duchess did something that royal members should not do at all.

During the royal couple's visit to a culinary school on the last day of their visit to Morocco, Meghan Markle happily accepted to test food that was offered to her by one of the students there. The Duchess has previously confessed that she is a foodie and had no hesitance when she helped herself with the pigeon pie, as Harry kept a vigilant watch on her pregnant wife.

The Prince was supposed to join in but royal commentator Rob Jobson later warned that Duchess was crossing the line and that she is not allowed to try any local cuisine for fear of food poisoning. "Usually, the Royals don't eat like that. They to touch the food, they sort of mess it around a little bit," Jobson said. He further added how Meghan "sort of chomped away and seemed quite happy with it. They were enjoying it."

The royal family is so cautious about what they eat outside that when Elizabeth II visited the Vatican City, she carried, along with her, crates of Malvern water so that she did not have to drink any other water. As Royal author Judy Wade points out, "she likes her tea made with Malvern water because she can't run risks of getting ill anywhere, and ruining the tour."

Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth IIGetty Images

And ever since Meghan Markle has become a member of the royal family, she had to adjust a lot because most of her favourite food is banned in Buckingham palace upon orders from the Queen. Reportedly, the Queen has a strong aversion for starchy foods and pasta and potatoes are banned in the palace.

Apart from that, both the Queen and the Duchess prefer to live a healthy lifestyle with the Duchess following a strict vegan diet.