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Donald Trump's visit to the UK seems to have gone off without much incident. Which is saying something. But the outspoken and controversial US President does not have many fans in the Royal Family. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex especially aren't fans of Donal Trump.

Reportedly Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are deliberately "snubbing" President Donald Trump, a royal expert has claimed as he tours London without any sign of the Royal couple.

The revelation was made by Sky News Royal correspondent Rhiannon Mills, who explained that the younger royals are no fans of Mr. Trump and are happy to let that be known. Commenting on footage of the US President's first visit to Buckingham Palace, Ms. Mills mused: "One of the most interesting parts of this state visit is to see which members of the Royal Family have stepped up publicly to be there alongside the Queen in support." The observation seems to imply the absence of the younger next generation of Royals who have not been shy in expressing their apparent disdain for Donald Trump. 

Donald Trump
The Trump Administration has taken sort of a "zero tolerance policy" on the issue of safe havens to terrorists.Reuters

Ms. Mills then suggested it was "a little bit of a snub" as the younger royals were not accompanying the Trumps to any events, which has been the case for the Chinese President with William and Kate.

Reportedly Meghan Markle is still on maternity leave after the birth of her first child, so is not expected to meet Mr. Trump. Anyone can see through the flimsy excuse that Meghan Markle is using to avoid meeting Donald Trump. And it is a bit surprising that Meghan would use any excuse at all, since she was quite outspoken about her dislike for the US President during the Presidential campaign where Meghan supported Hilary Clinton. Maybe this is a form of protest from the Royal.

It would seem that the Royal Family is trying to maintain some diplomacy while dealing with the arguably volatile President of the United States. You can check out the video here: