yodeling walmart kid
Dubbed as the 'Yodeling Walmart kid', Mason Ramsey has received a range of popularity and online fame.Twitter/Walmart

Over the last one week, the internet has been buzzing with video clips, photos and of course – a divine horde of memes about a little boy who managed to leave everybody stunned by his yodeling skills in the middle of Walmart store. Dubbed as the 'Yodeling Walmart kid', he has received a lot of popularity and online fame that we mere mortals can only dream of achieving.

Unless you've been living under a rock, it's hard to not have his voice ringing along the tune of "sweet Daddy" as you read this. For those of you who still haven't witnessed the clip (like, seriously?), check it out here:

But a little-known fact about the 11-year-old internet sensation, Mason Ramsey, is that he has been singing from the age of three. So clearly, he belting out Hank Williams' Lovesick Blues having received such overwhelming response online is no surprise.  

The Golconda, Illinois resident became famous overnight with positive responses all over – most of them along the lines of the clip being 'the best thing they've seen'.

Yet that isn't all. Mason has his own Twitter account now where he has thanked fans for their love and support and has also been sharing other clips and full-length videos of him yodeling.

To top that all, his local Walmart has also decided to honor his popularity and internet fame by asking him to perform for the first ever concert of his life, at that very own Walmart outlet.

Introducing himself in one of his videos on Twitter, the adorable little kid says: "I'm Mason Ramsey, otherwise known as the yodeling Walmart kid."

His Twitter bio reads that his favorite artist is Hank Williams Sr – clearly explaining why he chose to sing that particular song in the middle of the store.

As for his local Walmart's reaction, the outlet took to their official Twitter handle and tweeted: '#MasonRamsey yodeled his way into our hearts & aisles, so we're putting on a concert at his local Walmart to let him shine! #YodelChallenge.'