Shreyansh Gupta
Shreyansh Gupta

The digital world is vast and ever-changing. To keep up with it is like keeping up with a storm. Especially the world of digital marketing.

Today we introduce to you, one of the brightest and the youngest social media marketers India has ever seen.

Shreyansh Gupta, a boy, who at the age of 19 has been successful enough to establish his own digital solutions company, DevelopXmedia Pvt. Ltd., and runs 200+ websites of his own with humongous traffic.

Born on 18 June 2001, in the city of Taj, Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India, Shreyansh had always been fascinated with the digital world and how it worked.

His passion for the same started to gain momentum when he first got to know about the field of blogging at the tender age of 14.

It was then that he decided to devote all his time to learn about such a delicate art as blogging.

Years went by and he began to explore all the different aspects of the digital world including, digital marketing, development, e-commerce, etc. spending hours of time and hard work to learn in detail about all the above fields.

It was at the age of 18, that he finally established his company, and started providing services to his clients.

Along with being one of the youngest social media marketers present in the market, he also excelled in various other digital frontiers, providing services such as web development, app development, creating e-commerce websites for his clients, and maintaining digital marketing campaigns for his clients.

Apart from all that, he is also a Digital Marketer and Website Developer.

Needless to say, such versatility resulted in him getting a booming business for his company and so till now he has dealt with over 10k+ clients including people from all spheres of life be them celebrities, artists, or YouTubers, completing more than 40k+ orders with exceptional service.

It has truly been an incredible journey for Shreyansh and when asked about the same from him, he says," This journey has truly been a rollercoaster ride, I mean there were moments of failure, moments of success, sometimes I was irreparably helpless and sometimes I felt utterly glorified, but I adore each of these experiences for they all taught me something really important."

It is truly great to get such inspiring words from such an inspiring person and it can be fairly concluded from Shreyansh's life, that struggle does end up turning into glory.