A video of a 72-year-old woman working as a typewriter in front of the District Collectorate office in Madhya Pradesh's Sehore has gone viral on social media. Age is just a number for Lakshmi Bai, who chose to do an honest day's work to repay the loans she took for her daughter's medical treatment after she met with an accident.

Her determination was heard so widely that even former cricketer Virender Sehwag took notice of it and tweet the same with a heart-warming message:

A superwoman for me. She lives in Sehore in Madhya Pradesh and the youth have so much to learn from her. Not just speed, but the spirit and a lesson that no work is small and no age is big enough to learn and work.

People are touched not only by the efficiency with which the elderly lady works but by the resilience she shows at this age.

Lakshmi Bai, who refuses to beg despite the acute financial situation, said that she got the job with the help of District Collectorate Raghvendra Singh and Sub-Divisional Magistrate Bhavana Vilambe.

The video was initially posted by Twitter user Hatinder Singh on June 10. He wrote: "Look at her speed and enthusiasm at the age when most... stop working." Since then the video went viral.

Talking to ANI, Lakshmi Bai said that she felt good after Virender Sehwag shared her video. Her only wish now is to get a permanent house after the loan is paid off.

Sehwag's tweet had garnered more than 3,700 retweets and 24,000 likes at the time of writing the article. "Massive respect.....You proved age is just a number," commented one person.

"Enhe PMO office me job dena chaiye," (She should be given a job at the Prime Minister's Office) wrote another user.

Check out the video tweeted by Sehwag here: