Ajith Kumar and Meera Mitun
Meera Mitun's positive words about Ajith.PR Handout

Meera Mitun, who has been making a lot of allegations on leading names of Kollywood, has surprisingly praised an A-list actor. The Bigg Boss Tamil 3 contestant has showered good words about none other than Ajith Kumar.

After Slamming Vijay, Meera Praises Ajith
In one of her recent videos, Meera Mitun has alleged Vijay fans of abusing her for speaking against him. The actress has claimed that she will be meeting the Chennai commissioner to file a complaint against people for harassing her non-stop.

Recently, she had claimed that her scenes in Yennai Arindhaal were removed from the film because of Trisha Krishnan. However, she had not mentioned anything about Ajith Kumar who played the lead in the flick.

"Many of you asked me why I did not seek Ajith's help. I realised that my scenes were chopped off only after the film's release, she said and added, "I wonder why people waste an artist's time and producer's money if they do not want to have their scenes in the film,"

The model-turned-actress says that Ajith attained stardom through his hard work. "I am sure he would have faced a lot of Kollywood mafia gang. It was not an easy journey for him. One day I will be there just like him. He is a through gentleman. He has acted in so many movies and tasted success. He does not attend movie promotions. He is a survivor of nepotism and winner of nepotism, undoubtedly. So, I did not like to drag him into this issue," Meera said in the clip.

Recently, Meera Mitun attacked Trisha and said, "I am openly telling you all that Trisha survived, surviving and getting work because of her elite caste that she inherited from her father," she added.

She added, "1:The lady Miss chennai ( how in 5'5 height ),did small roles, side roles, entered mainstream sleeping around, her name @trishtrashers, Bec am a kingfisher supermodel, She felt insecure so she ganged up with #KollywoodMafia ensured my scenes are cut in Yennai Arindhal #Nepotism

"This has not ended with Yennai Arindhal, Even after 7years @trishtrashers ensured I was thrown out of #Petta. I ll reveal complete video tom Hu, [sic]" she concluded.