Ajith Kumar and Alisha Abdullah
Ajith Kumar and Alisha Abdullah.Alisha Abdullah Twitter

Racer Alisha Abdullah has slammed the media house over a false report on her. It was reported that she had met Tamil actor Ajith Kumar after being appointed the Tamil Nadu President of National Human Rights Anti Crime and Anti Corruption Bureau.

Reacting to the report, Alisha Abdullah asked the media not to drag her into such gossips. She wrote, "I will not tolerate such nonsense.. how can @KumudamReporter #kumudam Spk such crap.. spoiling such a big stars name Mr Ajith sir.. and dragging me into this gossip! Pls stop all this! Stop Spoiling names like this #AjithKumar #stoprumour pic.twitter.com/GRxFPCB2QR. [sic]"

Ajith, an Amazing Actor
According to her, Ajith is an amazing racer and known him since she was a kid, while revealing about Thala racing with her father. She added, "Just because of all this, someone coming up with their own stories about me is wrong and I strongly condemn this,"

Reports had earlier claimed that Alisha Abdullah had met Ajith Kumar to seek his blessings considering the good relationship that she shares with him.

Alisha Abdullah
Racer Alisha Abdullah appointed the Tamil Nadu State Women President of National Human Rights Anti Crime and Anti Corruption Bureau.Alisha Abdullah Twitter

However, after taking charge of the National Human Rights Anti Crime and Anti Corruption Bureau, she tweeted, "Being in an NGO or GOVERMENT POST.. doesn't make any difference .. it's how much we are able to make a difference in people's lives! I cannot change the world ! But I promise to do my best for people whatever I can.. and stand up for what's right ! . [sic]

On the other hand, the shooting of Ajith's Valimai has come to a halt after the government imposed the lockdown in March over coronavirus outbreak.