Ministry of External Affairs
Ministry of External Affairs

The Ministry of External Affairs said on Sunday that it is in touch with the Gujarat government and strict action is being taken against those who attacked a group of foreign students while they were offering namaz inside a university hostel premises.

The incident occurred late Saturday night when the students gathered at the Gujarat University hostel in Ahmedabad to perform 'Taraweeh', a night prayer during Ramzan.

"The state government is taking strict action against the perpetrators. Two foreign students were injured in the clash. One of them has been discharged from hospital after receiving medical attention," the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) said in a post on X.

Foreign students attacked in Gujarat University hostel over prayer gathering
Foreign students attacked in Gujarat University hostel over prayer gatheringIANS

According to the victims, who were from Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Turkmenistan, and two African countries, the attackers fled the scene as the police arrived.

Armed with sticks and knives, they forcefully entered the hostel and assaulted them, causing damage to the property.

Dr Neerja Gupta, University Vice-Chancellor, said: "We are taking this matter seriously. We will soon take some administrative decisions in this matter. Even the police are working with us to address this matter. It is yet to be investigated whether the students who attacked were university students or not. Namaaz is a personal decision, and whether they are having it in their room or the mosque, and what is ideal for them -- all these only students can answer."

Ahmedabad City Police Commissioner J.S. Malik confirmed that an investigation is underway, emphasising the commitment to justice and the protection of all students.

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