The 'Me Too' campaign has finally reached Mollywood, and the first person who has been named in the row is actor Mukesh. Tess Joseph, a Bollywood technical director has alleged that Mukesh had tried to molest her nineteen years ago during the shooting of 'Kodeeswaran', a quiz show hosted by the star.

Tess Joseph made these revelations on her Twitter page. She alleged that Mukesh called her multiple times, and even changed her room next to his. She also revealed that it was her boss and Trinamul Congress leader Derek O'Brien who helped her leave the shooting spot.

At the end of the tweet, Tess thanked Derek O'Brien for his kind gesture.

"I was 20 years old quiz directing koteeswaran when the mallu host mukeshkumar called my room multiple times and then changed my room to beside his on the next sch. My then boss @derekobrienmp spoke to me for an hour & got me out on the next flight. 19 yrs on thank you Derek, [sic]" tweeted Tess.

The tweet made by Tess Joseph soon went viral, and users repeatedly asked whether it is Mukesh who has been active in the industry for more than 35 years have done this to her. Tess once again confirmed Mukesh's name and added that he is now a politician as well who currently serves as an MLA in Kollam.

However, Mukesh denied these allegations and made it clear that he did not know a person named Tess Joseph.

"Now, things are pretty different. Anybody can character assassinate anyone. I do not know a person named Tess Joseph. I don't remember at all," said Mukesh.

It should be noted that Mukesh is a very influential Mollywood personality, and these allegations will surely put him in a bad light especially during the upcoming election.