Kunchakko Boban

Malayalam film industry is noted for its realistic portrayal of stories and many films in the industry are often considered the epitome of uncompromising cinematic language. Earlier dance moves were used to narrate stories without overdoses of melodrama and now it has emerged as a major factor to influence Malayalam movies.

Actors like Mohanlal and Kunchakko Boban have mesmerized the Mollywood audience with their charm and dance steps in many movies and some of these movies have grossed big at the box-office owing to the choreography.

International Business Times, India presents you with the list of five actors who are considered the best dancers in Mollywood.

Kunchakko Boban

Kunchakko Boban is perhaps the most talented among dancers in the Malayalam film industry. Even though he is not a dancer by profession, the charming so-called chocolate hero has that extra talent to portray dance steps with finesse both on and off screen.

Actresses including Kavya Madhavan and Shalini have revealed that Chackochan had outshone them while performing dance moves in certain song sequences. One of the best dance performances from Boban came in the movie 'Chandamama'. In the song 'Rojappoo Kavilathu', the actor performed some impeccable dance moves as the song remains hottest picked numbers in Malayalam music channels till date.

The 42-year-old actor enthralled audiences with his performance in a stage show recently, and proved that age is just a number for him. The actor danced for more than six minutes on screen and the audience lauded the evergreen romantic hero in Mollywood.


No one can forget Mohanlal's classical dance moves in the movie 'Kamaladalam'. In the movie, the Malayalam superstar portrayed the role of a classical dancer with finesse, and in certain song sequences, the actor performed brilliantly by showcasing some mindblowing dance moves.

In the movie 'Kakkakuyil', the actor danced in fast numbers, and upon its release, the major USP of the movie was Mohanlal's dashing moves.

Another movie that brought out the dancer in Mohanlal was Sangeeth Shivan's 'Gandharvam'. In the song 'Nenjil', the actor portrayed some trademark dance moves -- most of it was inspired from Tollywood superstar Chiranjeevi.

Prithviraj Sukumaran

Prithviraj Sukumaran is another acclaimed dancer in Mollywood. Even though he is often considered as a muscular hunk, the actor has many times proved that he is also quite a flexible actor with his dance moves.

One of Prithviraj's best dance performances came in the movie 'Lollipop'. In the song, 'Onnu Randu Moonnu Naalu', the actor shook his hip remarkably as the song went on to become a chartbuster.

It can also be noted that Prithviraj was the show-stealer in the Bollywood movie 'Aiyaa'. The actor literally overshadowed Bollywood queen Rani Mukherjee in the video songs, and it helped him to build up a huge fan following in the North.


Vineeth is perhaps the best classical dancer in Mollywood, but at times, he fails to recreate the grace of Kunchakko Boban in cinematic moves. One of the best dance performance of Vineeth came in the movie 'Mazhavillu'. In the song, 'Shivadam Shiva Namam', Vineeth performed some classy steps with ease, and the song is still one of the most viewed Mollywood numbers on YouTube.


Surprised to see Mukesh on the list? Yes, the Kollam MLA has performed some noted dance performances in movies like 'Chronic Bachelor' and 'Tokyo Nagarile Visheshangal'. Even though now he is now in his fifties, Mukesh still has that grace to appear in romantic roles on screen.