It was gruelling, it was intense and it was just brilliant. The Mayweather-McGregor press conferences, held in four different cities across the world, finally came to an end on Friday July 14, and we are still reeling in the aftermath of what we witnessed over the last four days.

We don't quite know what the outcome of the fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather on August 26 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas will really be, or if McGregor can indeed knock out Mayweather within the first four rounds as he has claimed...

...What we know and have seen however, is, the last four days have given combat sports fans the experience and entertainment of their lifetime. 

We simply cannot wait for the big fight a month and a half from now. The press conferences in Los Angeles, Toronto, New York and London have been the best build-up to the fight that could ever have been.

mayweather, mcgregor
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Here's a recap of events and what we learnt:

Los Angeles: Evenly matched trash talkers

Conor McGregor has an appeal of his own which is absolutely unbeatable and anyone who comes anywhere close to emulating the UFC star, will be highly embarassed. From his unique tailormade blazer with the 'f**k you' algorithm to mocking Mayweather in the best possible way, drawing a huge laughter from the crowd...McGregor is simply one of a kind!

Mayweather, meanwhile, has a style of his own to thrash talk and intimidate his opponents and he is a maverick at that!

Toronto, Canada: Conor, the crowd pleaser with pleasure

Move over the likes of Anderson Silva or GSP or even in that case, Chael Sonnen -- the first-ever biggest trash talker in the UFC, Conor McGregor is in a league of his own and he is a pure crowd pleaser. The Irishman's antics in the octagon has attracted a lot of fans across the world -- from the United States to Canada and United Kingdom and London. The second stop in Toronto was a mere testament to that.

Mayweather, meanwhile, was heavily booed. Although he tried to intimidate Conor by draping the Irish flag around his back, nothing really intrigued the crowd present as they were already in awe of the UFC star. The "F*** the Mayweathers" chants from the crowd was just too sensational to say anything!

New York: Mayweather indirectly tries to physically intimidate McGregor 

No one was spared. From the 'weasel' Stephen Espinoza of Showtime Sports to the b***h Mayweather and his entire money team, McGregor worked his magic yet again. Draped in just a polar bear fur jucket (as he claimed it to be), the Irishman used his 'fookin' cuss words to perfection and drew cheers from the crowd.

And that's when the "Form Voltron" order came from Mayweather. McGregor soon got surrounded by the "juiceheads" (the bodyguards) from The Money Team, but thanks to the swift act of the security, matters didn't escalate.

London: Mayweather saves the brilliant mic skills for the last

There was a no-touch clause but McGregor violated that with his own swag. UFC President Dana White looked s**t scared when his fighter brushed Mayweather's bald head, but thankfully the veteran boxer kept his calm and didn't quite react.

Mayweather, however, used his brilliant trash talking skills to perfection moments later and quite simply, managed to keep McGregor on his nerves. It was the Irishman's birthday on Friday July 14 and plenty of fans from Dublin made it to London, where the press conference took place inside a boxing ring.

McGregor came amidst cheers, took a dig at the Mayweathers, called Espinoza a weasel again, but Mayweather may just have won more fans after his brilliant skills on the mic, his success in intimidating McGregor and leaving the ring at the end of the day, calling the UFC star a "fa***ot".

Controversial, but the intensity of the war has just escaled!