Uday and Anil
Uday and Anil.Twitter

The death of the two stuntmen on the sets of Kannada film Masti Gudi has shocked the entire film industry, including Bollywood. Veteran actor Rishi Kapoor took to Twitter to mourn the death of the budding actors – Anil Raghav and Uday – who died on November 7 while filming the stunt scene.

"RIP.Two stuntmen drown whilst filming a stunt from a chopper in a Kannada film. When VFX facilities available,then why endanger human lives?" the Kapoor and Sons actor tweeted along with the photo of the budding Kannada actors.

Indian television actress Parul Yadav, who is now working in Kannada film industry, in a series of tweet, conveyed her condolences and expressed her sadness over the tragic death of the actors. "Kannada actors Anil and Uday breathed their last due to disregard for safety on #Mastigudi sets! Aren't stunt choreographers responsible?"

Check out the photos of Uday and Raghav before the tragic accident happened. 

"Wish people understood the value of human life. Praying that the families of these actors have enough strength for this.. :( #shocked," she added.

Raghav and Uday were shooting for the climax scene of Duniya Vijay's upcoming film Masti Gudi on November 7 when the incident took place. The two actors drowned when the helicopter shot for an action scene went wrong. The Masti Gudi team was shooting in Thippagondanahalli Reservoir, 35 km west of Bengaluru, for the climax scene.

Raghav, Uday and popular actor Duniya Vijay had jumped into the lake for the scene. While the team rescued Vijay, the other two went missing. Soon after the tragic incident, video of Raghav and Uday jumping from the helicopter went viral. The disaster reportedly happened due to inadequate safety measures on the sets of the film. According to reports, Raghav and Uday were not provided with safety harnesses or life jackets for the scene, while Vijay was given a harness.