Raghava Uday and Anil
In a shocking incident, two actors have died on the sets of forthcoming Kannada movie Masti Gudi.Twitter

After the tragic death of actors Anil and Uday during the shooting of the upcoming Kannada movie Masti Gudi on Monday, November 7, it is understood that the two budding artistes were not experts in swimming. Minutes before filming the climax scene, the actors had told mediapersons that they had not even practiced for the dangerous sequence.

"Though I know swimming, this is the first time I am going to jump from a height. So, I am little nervous and not sure what will happen. I just know a little swimming as I have only practiced in a well where you can reach the edge after two or three strokes. I haven't practiced swimming 30 or 60ft lengths like this [translated from Kannada]," Anil was heard saying in the video of Public TV.

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"There was no preparation for this scene. I have arrived and there are masters. Vijay is also here. The three of us will just jump, that's all I know. The rest is up to the God [translated from Kannada]," Vijay is heard saying in the video. "I am even afraid of heights; I still cannot look down from first floor. I have told that to the director and they have assured to handle it. Three of us are friends, so we are thrilled to do the stunt," he added.

The actors drowned at Thippagondanahalli Reservoir on Magadi Road, which is 35km west of Bengaluru. The mishap happened when they jumped from a helicopter into the lake, which is said to be 30 to 60 feet deep, along with actor Duniya Vijay, who plays the lead role in the movie. It is understood that though Vijay was given safety gear, the two actors jumped without proper safety measures which resulted in the tragedy.

Watch the videos of the actors minutes before the mishap: