Manuel Marinari
Manuel Marinari

If you are in Asia and you are interested in Social Media you are probably familiar with Manuel Marinari, he says he is known for his social media management/marketing and digital business in Asia.

Manuel is the CEO and Founder of Sway Society, his agency is based in Taipei (Taiwan) considered the heart of Asia for its central location, Marinari says he definitely benefited from it and took advantage of this circumstance if we consider that a good amount of his clients are based in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Philippines, and Korea.

As per Marinari, he has been operating in Asia for about 4 years, however, it was in Milan, his hometown where he started to approach the world of Social Media. The success of his company, he says, is the result of his expertise and his innovative ethos.

He claims he grew Sway Society and its range of services pretty fast since this year he started to take in clients from the US and Europe, locations with a very potentially booming market regarding the Social Media sphere as he declared.

Working along with his team of professionals Manuel is constantly updating about the most effective and innovative marketing strategies around the globe in order to provide high-quality services and guaranteed effectiveness to its customers.

He says, his background as an influencer helped him to better understand the Social Media Platform more than many others in the same industry, he is very active on the main platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and recently as per his claims, he managed to gain popularity on TikTok as well creating exclusive end engaging contents.