Just like Shah Rukh Khan and the Khan family, their nameplate – Mannat – has a fan following of its own. So it didn't come as a surprise when Mannat started trending soon after it was changed from the old to the new nameplate. And if the reports are anything to go by, the new nameplate is worth a jaw-dropping amount.

shah rukh khan mannat
Shah Rukh Khan at his bungalow Mannat in Bandra, Mumbai.Creative Commons/Shilpi rao

Several reports have quoted that Mannat's new nameplate is worth Rs 25 lakh. Just like the previous nameplate which had become a prominent spot for tourists to get their pictures clicked at, the new one has already made a humongous fan following. Many on social media were happy with the new nameplate and said that it represented the "end of an era" and the "beginning of a new one".

SRK Birthday
SRK greets his fans outside Mannat.Twitter

"Shah Rukh Khan's new Mannat nameplate has been designed under the supervision of his super talented and interior designer wife Gauri Khan. Gauri Khan who is an ace designer herself suggested a revamp of their nameplate and it was decided for quite a time now. And finally, they did. SRK never gets into these details, as the boss of the house is Gauri and whatever she decides the family happily accepts. Indeed the choice is great as the response they are getting from the fans is endearing," a Bollywoodlife report has said.

Many netizens even called it a symbol of the new and energetic SRK 2.0. Social media users feel with projects with Rajkumar Hirani, Atlee and associating with a well known streaming brand, it is the re-emergence of King Khan.