Maneka Gandhi, other BJP leaders, and celebs, who condemned the killing of a pregnant elephant, are being questioned for their silence over the bomb blast incident involving a cow. The hashtag #JusticeforNandini is now trending on Twitter.

When the animal lovers were still venting out their anger over the pregnant elephant's death in Palakkad in Kerala, they are in for another similar incident happening in other parts of the country. This time, it is a cow named Nandini, who is the victim of a bomb blast in the Jhanduta area of Bilaspur district in Himachal Pradesh.

A pregnant cow's jaw was allegedly blown off by an explosive
A pregnant cow's jaw was allegedly blown off by an explosiveTwitter

A pregnant cow's jaw was allegedly blown off by an explosive while it was grazing at a field in the Jhanduta area. Gurdial Singh, the owner of the cow, sought help from authorities demanding action against his neighbor Nand Lal, who allegedly did this to his cow due to a family brawl. The video of the poor animal, which is seen profusely bleeding, went viral on social media.

Harming pregnant animals is increasing and becoming a trend. First, it was a dog in Orissa, then an elephant in Kerala and now a cow in Himachal Pradesh. These are just a few cases which received attention, there must be more innocent lives, which are being subjected to such torture. However, some leaders and celebs are playing politics over these incidents of violence against animals.

After hearing the news about the pregnant elephant's killing, Maneka Gandhi jumped to attack the opposition party. The BJP leader made some serious charges like "Mallapuram is known for its intense criminal activity." Some other leaders and celebs went a step ahead and claimed the cruel incident happed in the Muslim majority area, where Rahul Gandhi is the MP.

A pregnant cow's jaw was allegedly blown off by an explosive
A pregnant cow's jaw was allegedly blown off by an explosiveTwitter

These fake claims had angered people, who seems to have a field day on Sunday. They are questioning the silence of those right-wing leaders and celebs over the incident that happened in the BJP-ruled state of Himachal Pradesh. They are trolling them for their selective outrage, by sharing some funny memes with the hashtag #JusticeForNandini, which is one among the top 5 trends on Twitter today.

Here are some tweets with #JusticeForNandini

Advaid അദ്വൈത് @Advaidism

Himachal Pradesh is not ruled by the LEFT. There is no Muslim majority district in Himachal. Meneka Gandhi cannot shift blame this time. Heartbreaking it is. She must be devastated. #JusticeforNandini

S.R.Praveen @myopiclenses

No one to cry for a cow in BJP-ruled Himachal. No Kohli, no Tata, No canadian Kumar, No Maneka, No IT cell Please spare some of the care you share for Kerala elephants #JusticeforNandini

Arya @RantingDosa

The main difference between the #ElephantDeath in Kerala and the Cow's Death in Himachal is that the former was an accident and the later was deliberate. #JusticeForNandini

Satirist boy @ImranKh73103399

A pregnant cow's Cow jaw is blown up by an explosive thing Now I'm not able to see the tweets from some celebrities.... Oops! I forgot it's in the BJP ruling state #JusticeforNandini