Raveena Tandon, Madhurima Tuli, Vishal Aditya Singh

This season of Nach Baliye has been like a roller coaster ride. From controversies, accidents, health scares to allegations of bias: the show has mostly grabbed headlines for all the wrong reasons.

While just like every year, the celebrity line-up saw some of the most popular names from the television industry, things don't seem to be going as smooth as it used to be in the previous seasons. Judges Ahmed Khan and Raveena Tandon have reportedly had arguments and showdowns not only with the contestants but also with the host of the show.

Shantanu Maheshwari: Shantanu, who has always been audiences' favourite, allegedly had an argument with Raveena Tandon and Ahmed Khan. Reports claim that Shantanu was not happy with the low scores he received every week despite receiving fabulous comments from the judges after each performance. The reports of Shantanu breaking down back-stage after being confronted by Raveena Tandon also grabbed headlines last week.

Urvashi Dholakia: Famous for her role as Kamolika, Urvashi Dholakia accused the judges of being partial and favouring only a few celebrities. "Well, if a couple has been scoring good marks, which is only increasing every week and there's a certain vote bank that I know we have, then it's difficult for me to believe that we were not able to win the love of our viewers. Is this a dance show or a popularity contest?" she had asked. 

"And if we are being judged on popularity, then I am not ready to believe that 35 years of work leads to a low fan base. Where's the scoreboard to show where each of us stands when it comes to the audience's votes plus judges' scores? I thought I was signing up for a non-fiction show and not a fictional one. This is not the first time that I have done a reality show, but yes, it's the first time that I have seen this kind of biased judgement," Urvashi had added.

Maniesh Paul: There were reports of Raveena apparently being miffed with host Maniesh Paul and storming out of Nach Baliye 9 sets after getting into an ugly spat. "He made a face when Raveena was right in front of him and she assumed he made that face for her. This infuriated Raveena and she said 'Can't do this anymore' before storming to her vanity van," a source was quoted as saying by Deccan Chronicle.

Maniesh also apparently did not take Raveena's reaction lightly and was seen rushing towards his vanity van. The entire fiasco between Raveena and Maniesh reportedly halted the shoot for almost an hour. It is being said that "both the actors had to be pacified and consoled before commencing the remaining segment."

Madhurima Tuli: There were also the reports of Raveena Tandon having lashed out at Madhurima Tuli over her unprofessional behaviour and unwillingness to perform with partner Vikram Aditya Singh after a fight. Not only did Raveena remind her of her unprofessionalism but apparently also gave her an earful on commitment towards the work.