Shantanu - Nityami, Raveena Tandon

This season of Nach Baliye has been filled with controversies. After Urvashi Dholakia, it is Shantanu Maheshwari who got into an argument with judge Raveena Tandon over her alleged bias. Not just that, Shantanu even broke down after his performance.

Shantanu Maheshwari feels that his partner – Nityaami and he – are not getting good scores in comparison to the overwhelming comments they hear from the judges. Not just that, he also feels that both the judges – Raveena Tandon and Ahmed Khan – are biased towards them and don't give them the marks they deserve for their performance.

A Pinkvilla report says that when Raveena Tandon came to know about this, she confronted Shantanu and also told him that he should have discussed this with her one-to-one instead of going by what others said or telling about it to others. The report states that the two got into a huge argument which almost had no end result.

Shantanu apparently broke down after the argument backstage and wasn't ready to talk to anyone. Shantanu is not the only one who wasn't very happy with the judges this time. Earlier, Urvashi Dholakia too had alleged biasness from the judges towards a few celebrity contestant couples.

Talking to Bombay Times, Urvashi said, "Well, if a couple has been scoring good marks, which is only increasing every week and there's a certain vote bank that I know we have, then it's difficult for me to believe that we were not able to win the love of our viewers. How can a couple be consistently moving up the scoreboard and yet be at the bottom four times in a row? Is this a dance show or a popularity contest? And if we are being judged on popularity, then I am not ready to believe that 35 years of work leads to a low fan base. Where's the score board to show where each of us stands when it comes to audience's votes plus judges' scores? If the show was all about young couples, then why bring us in? If you have brought us on the show, then why the partiality? This is not just a misuse of my image, but total disrespect to the hard-earned place that I've made for myself in the industry. Anuj and I can't fight and bicker on screen. We agreed to do the show thinking it's a dance show and not a bloody fighting ring!"