Horse [Representative Image]Creative Commons

A man in Oregon has been accused of sexually assaulting a horse. The animal was found "tied up in an unusual way" in the stable.

According to FOX12 Oregon, the 20-year-old man, identified as Kenneth Lijah Duyck, was arrested by police and is currently in Washington County Jail as he was charged with sexual assault of an animal and second-degree burglary.

Duyck reportedly broke into the stable in the rural property in Hillsboro and went after a black mare named Ellie, according to the court documents.

Upon discovering the horse tied up in the stable and also an overturned bucket, the property owner called to the Washington County Sheriff's Office. Then she clicked a photo of a black mare and sent to her daughter, who is a veterinarian. Her daughter informed that the horse looked like as if she has been a victim of sexual assault.

According to the Washington County Sheriff's Office, Duyck, who was described as a homeless-looking man, admitted to sexually assaulting the horse after breaking into the stable.

Duyck reportedly called the owner a day prior to the incident asking if he could camp on the woman's property. He was also spotted talking to neighbors around the time of the incident. Later he also slept in a car in a Walmart parking lot in Cornelius.

According to an affidavit, Duyck said that he did such lewd act because he was off his medications. He had never done this kind of act before.