In a seemingly bizarre incident, a man from Uttar Pradesh has burned the shrine of a religious place as he was upset that God did not fulfill his prayers. The incident happened in a village in Bijnor district, and local residents were shocked to see the shrine burnt into ashes. A complaint was soon made, and local police arrested a man named Bhure, a.k.a Iqram for burning the shrine. 

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According to local police officials, Iqram used to visit the shrine regularly and he used to pray every day to fulfill his wishes. However, despite repeated prayers, his wishes went unfulfilled, and finally, he decided to burn the shrine located in Puraini village. 

Iqram allegedly burnt the shrine on August 23. After investigation, police arrested him on September 12. Dharamveer Singh, Bijnor superintendent of police revealed that Iqram is a resident of Padali village in Dhampur area. As the issue is very sensitive, the police is apparently investigating whether more people are involved in the incident. 

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