With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing companies across the world to a work-from-home(WFH) model, several couples have been spending ample time together. For some, it may be a fantasy arrangement. However, a hilarious social media post shared by Harsh Goenka, Chairman of RPG Group, reveals that not all couples feel that way.

Goenka recently took to Twitter to share a letter he received from one of his employee's wives. In the note, the woman expressed her exasperation with her husband as he worked from home and sought Goenka's support to get her "sanity back". The woman added if WFH continued marriage will "not work anymore".

A "Humble Appeal"

Captioning the post, "Don't know how to respond to her", Goenka shared the rib-tickling letter on 9 September 2021. In the letter, the woman conveyed her "humble appeal" to make Manoj, her husband, work from the office. Addressing the concerns surrounding safety preemptively, the tired wife added, "He is doubly vaccinated and will maintain all covid protocols."

Describing her husband's activities at home, she said that he drinks coffee ten times a day, works in different rooms and leaves them in a mess, and "asks for food all the time". She did not stop with that. The wife even revealed that she has seen her husband fall asleep during work calls.

However, one particular statement makes the letter ironically funny. She wrote: "If work from home continues for some more time our marriage will definitely not work anymore." She concluded her plea by stating that she had two children to care for and asked Goenka's assistance in getting her sanity.

Twitterati Weigh In 

Harsh Goenka
Harsh Goenka, Chairman of RPG GroupYoutube Screengrab/ @ RPGEnterprises

As expected, the post had Twitter in splits. Several users took to the social media platform and commented on it. "It's a true picture for many houses sir, pls don't laugh forever men take women of the house for granted having kids studying online it's difficult to maintain the husband," a comment read.

"Yes Pls open up all offices. You will save Husbands and marriages by allowing employees back to work," commented a user. Another wrote: "Give her the job..And let Manoj learn how to manage house and kids."

Echoing similar views, a user commented, "Men work 8-12 hours but women work round the clock. Men think that food gets cooked, clothes washed and pressed, children fed, taught and bathed, parents cared for, house cleaned, utensils washed, everything happens automatically. For working women it's double shift."