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An 11-year-old girl was allegedly sold by her father and his sister for Rs 50,000 to a man said to be three times her age in Madhya Pradesh. The buyer repeatedly raped her for three days and abandoned her back at her parents' house as she was crying uncontrollably. The buyer has been arrested and charged under the POCSO Act.

According to The Times of India, the girl was sold to 35-year-old Devi Bhaskar for Rs 50,000 on May 12. She was forced to wear a saree and taken to a temple near her house in Bundelkhand. Bhaskar had reportedly tied a 'mangalsutra' around her neck.

Devi Bhaskar then took her to his house and repeatedly raped her for three days. The girl was scared and crying uncontrollably. This angered Bhaskar and his parents who couldn't control the situation and decided to abandon her at her parents' house on May 15.

The victim's mother was not aware that she had been sold and approached the police. "When I saw her, she was weeping. She was still wearing her 'wedding sari' and sindoor. My husband and his sister had sold her out to a man who is three times elder to her," the mother told the police, reports TOI.