[Representational Image] The baby belongs from a very impoverished family.Creative Commons

A 69-year-old HIV-positive man from Australia had repeatedly telephoned a woman in Thailand and pleaded her to allow him to have sex with her two-year-old granddaughter. He also asked her to whip the child as he "likes to see young ones hurt". This revelation came during a hearing in the County Court of Victoria on April 14.

Howard John Hawke, a former pig farmer, was intercepted by police in 2016. He was raided in 2017 at a boarding house in Victoria. As many as 32 child porn images and seven videos were procured from him during the raid. He also had an unregistered car in his name and only $6500 in cash, $13,000 in credit card debt, reported

However, his condition was not always like this. The court learned Friday that in 2006 Hawke sold his West Australian piggery for more than a million dollars. He then extensively toured South East Asia. This is when he became "involved in the extremely sexualized environment" of Thailand, according to the website.

The crown prosecutor (an official who is responsible for proving that the person accused of a crime is guilty) said the child's grandmother, who hails from a very poor family told Hawke that the child was too young to have sexual intercourse. "He talks about extremely depraved sexual activity. He talks about the baby being held down by her own mother and grandmother. This behavior was premeditated. He wanted to go overseas with the intention of procuring babies," the prosecutor was quoted as saying by the website.

It was also reported that Hawke made a brutal video of the 16-year-old mother of the toddler. 

However, Hawke dismissed all these allegations and said the phone calls were just his fantasy.

The accused was charged with transmitting 13 extreme child porn images and sexual assault against a woman who was intellectually disabled.

The defense lawyer appealed to the judge to not impose "a crushing sentence" on Hawke, who had pleaded guilty to some charges, according to the reports. He will be likely sentenced to jail Thursday.