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A man tried to hurdle past the gates in London's underground rail and call it bad luck or poor technique – but he managed to get his genitals stuck in the barriers. Remember those times when things go smoothly and it's just your day but you seem to take all of that for granted?

Well, this story will make you think twice about not thanking your luck and being grateful for those days that allow everything to go in your favour, making you feel like some sort of a superhero. At least a better superhero than this man who tried to be the evader of tickets.

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What followed was being left with an insane amount of pain, and of course, the added embarrassment of being in this extremely compromising position. This reached to limits where police officers and Transport for London workers had to pull him out.

The episode ended with the man yelling in uncontrollable pain.

That didn't stop cheeky TfL from filming him during his moments of excruciating pain – not that trying to evade paying for tickets calls for some major sympathy, but still – videos of him stuck in the barriers while the workers tried to pull him out surfaced the internet.

It got posted on Facebook by Mark Graves, who wrote: "This guy tried to jump the gates and got his manhood stuck."

The footage was filmed at the Convent Garden Tube station and shows officers supporting the man's legs and trying to help him out of the situation. A bunch of onlookers appear crowded around the people engaged in the process and one of them, expertly suggests: "Get some butter, butter him up."

man stuck in barriers
A British man tries to jump the barriers of London's tube rail and gets his genitals stuck in the process, as revealed in a viral videoFacebook/Mark Graves

Luckily, the officers are able to rescue the man towards the end of the video, even though he is seen leaning on one of them for support, trying to get on his feet. The video ends with the man also hugging one of his many helpers for easing him out of the situation.

And that is why it is always good to pay the dues!