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The Malur police on Wednesday (May 1) arrested a welder for allegedly kidnapping and attempting to rape a model at knifepoint. The incident happened in the Kolar district of Karnataka.

The model, 23-years-old, who aspired to become a mainstream actress was kidnapped by 34-year-old Somashekhar, a resident of Bangarpet, in Kolar district in Karnataka, who did odd jobs at multiple film shooting locations. 

Somashekhar contacted the aspiring actress from East Bengaluru through a Whatsapp group that is related to the film community and its members. He called her and asked her to come to Tekal in Kolar to take part in a photo shoot which will help her to gain access to the film industry.

Initially, the woman declined his offer but later agreed for the shoot without knowing the danger that laid ahead of her. According to the woman, she was asked to come to the Bengaluru City railway station on May 1 at 9.30 am. After reaching the railway station, the accused accompanied her and they both took the Kuppam passenger train to Tekal.

"We deboarded at Tekal at 1 pm and walked for two kilometres on the railway track. Suddenly, he pushed me aside, threatened at knifepoint and tried to rape me. I begged him not to harm e and he later tied my legs and hands. He demanded Rs 5 lakh for my safe release. I requested a friend over the phone to arrange the money and bring it to Tekal," the woman stated in her complaint, reports TOI.

The woman told Somashekhar that her friend will bring the money to the railway station at Tekal. After he came to know that his demands will soon be met, he untied the woman and took her to the railway station, adds the report.

After reaching the railway station, she tricked the accused on the excuse of drinking water and narrated the whole incident to the station master. But by the time the authorities could take any action, Somashekhar had fled the scene after he sensed some trouble.

However, Somashekhar was caught by the police after a case was registered against him at the Cantonment police station under the Indian Penal Code (IPC) sections 354a (sexual harassment) and 387 (putting a person in fear of death or of grievous hurt to commit extortion).
The accused was arrested from Bangarpet by the Malur police after the case was transferred to them by the city police.