the two friends were posing with a gun while taking a selfie (Representational Image)Creative Commons

A 23-year-old man accidently shot himself while posing for a selfie on Thursday, 15 March, in Vijay Vihar, Delhi. The incident took place when Vijay and his friend were posing for selfies with an unlicensed gun.

The victim's friend Chhotu, upon realizing what had happened, apparently ran away, the Times of India reported.

According to reports, the duo was excited to see a gun for the first time following which they posed with the weapon for selfies. Vijay and Chhotu often clicked pictures to get more likes on Facebook, a family member told the Times of India.

Family members heard the gunshot and rushed to the room, only to find him lying in a pool of blood. They then realized that Chhotu was missing from the room.

The police found the weapon and the mobile phone. Vijay was rushed to a nearby hospital, but the doctors pronounced him brought dead.

"The pistol was found at the scene of the crime. Vijay's phone has their selfies and other photos with the pistol, clicked moments before the incident," Deputy Commissioner of Police, Rajneesh Gupta was quoted by Times of India as saying.

Vijay, who hailed from Rajasthan, was in Delhi to look for jobs when he befriended his neighbour, Chhotu. The police are still trying to find out the owner of the gun and how the duo got hold of an unlicensed gun.

In a similar incident, a 17-year-old boy was detained by Delhi Police after he accidentally shot his cousin while taking a selfie with a loaded pistol. The victim, a 23-year-old teacher, was at the receiving end of the fatal selfie. The man was rushed to a nearby hospital but he later succumbed to injuries.